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Le Sigh.

Friday, 17 September 2010 by PD , under

I'm not satisfied with this blog either. Maybe it was a mistake to shift from Wordpress to blogger. My first blog was on blogger and i was an active updater there. After shifting from there, I just dídn't blog as I did before.

So I might shut this one down too. And shift to maybe.. wordpress. Again. Or tumblr. Let's see. Don't kill me.

Or maybe, it's time I take a break from blogging completely. I miss the times where I was an active blogger. But these days I just don't have the motivation to write even when I have time.

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17 September 2010 at 05:19

Comment by MIB.

Don't shut this blog down and don't stop blogging!O_O

PLEASE!? *looks at you with teary eyes*

Take a break..yeah..switch back to Wordpress biggie..but please don't stop blogging. =(

17 September 2010 at 05:55

Comment by PD.

I'm so fed up of this, i want to blog about things but just can't get myself to .. do it. :( inshallah khayr. Won't stop blogging, just for you. *hug*

17 September 2010 at 06:15

Comment by MIB.

You just need a break to sort all your thoughts out..then you'll strike back full-force!;D I know cuz I went thru the same sorta thing..

Trust me, bloggin' comes in handy..ESPECIALLY when you're LOADED with assignments and projects = the best form of procrastination! I would know..I was THE PRO-Crastinator. (H) ;P

17 September 2010 at 09:45

Comment by Al-ain Rose.

hum, I think blogger beats any other form of online publishing.
you are running outta ideas? or you're not in the mood? just blog about your daily events you get through, no matter how silly they are, it's your blog after all. and your friends would love to hear your news.

I don't like my freinds to quit their blogs. It makes me sad.

17 September 2010 at 09:47

Comment by Al-ain Rose.

btw. the new template is cool. lol. you keep changing :D

17 September 2010 at 10:09

Comment by PD.


lool, i have a bucket load of assignments to finish in the coming days. It's best I don't blog. heh. Lets see.. I'm considering tumblr but not sure.

Al Ain: I have a lot to blog about, but this sounds stupid when I open blogger to write, i dislike the interface. Also, only thing blogger is good at is that you can have any template you want, besides that Wordpress and Tumblr are much better.

I like the new template too. :D