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A Possible break?

Tuesday, 5 October 2010 by PD , under

I've decided to take a break from blogging. I think that is the best solution right now for me instead of jumping from one address to another and not having one steady blog.

I've also become really busy. University is taking most of my time these days, to the extent that even if I wanted to blog, I don't think i'd have the time to. Some days I get done early from my classes, around 2pm but have to stay back to practice in the studios for some of my courses and I end up leaving at 5pm. Driving from Academic City takes about 30 minutes and when I reach home I'm completely exhausted.

Hopefully, I'll be back. And if I change addresses again, I'll update all of you.

Takecare. <3

The Story of a Pious Sister - Abu Dajana

Monday, 20 September 2010 by PD , under

SubhanAllah... this made me weep. A friend forwarded this to me, i don't know what language it is in but it made me weep. [It has English Subtitles in it] If you're a Muslim Woman, watch this!

One of those Fridays

Friday, 17 September 2010 by PD , under

Fridays are meant to be happy family days. Happy family fun days. But for some reason, aside from Ramadan my Fridays have been going bad. It's either one thing or the other but something just messes my Fridays up. And todays Friday just... upset me to no extent. I'm still upset, still trying to keep the sadness and anger in. Maybe I'm just being ungrateful but I had plans for today, which because of someones stupidity got cancelled. And I shouldn't keep a grudge, i know, but it's hard not to.

So I've literally done nothing except for pray, eat and sit on the Internet. And maybe cry a little. Ice-cream and home-made chinese food didn't help either. I feel so pathethic because I could've used the free time to do something productive even if my plans didn't go through, like read more Qurán so go through my notes or start on my assignments for University. But I just didn't want to.

... sometimes being optimistic is so difficult.

Le Sigh.

by PD , under

I'm not satisfied with this blog either. Maybe it was a mistake to shift from Wordpress to blogger. My first blog was on blogger and i was an active updater there. After shifting from there, I just dídn't blog as I did before.

So I might shut this one down too. And shift to maybe.. wordpress. Again. Or tumblr. Let's see. Don't kill me.

Or maybe, it's time I take a break from blogging completely. I miss the times where I was an active blogger. But these days I just don't have the motivation to write even when I have time.

Al Multaqa Al Ramadaniya

Wednesday, 18 August 2010 by PD , under ,

For more information, go to:

'Truly, the lover towards the one he loves is obedient...'

Friday, 30 July 2010 by PD , under

There are some words that you read and they imprint in your mind, becoming unforgettable. The following are a few lines of poetry - or should I call it a couplet? - that I read a long time ago but they seem to have imprinted in my mind.

تعصي الإله وأنت تُظهر حبهّ***هذا لعمرك في الفعال بديع


لو كان حبك صادقا لأطعته***إن المحب لمن يحب مطيع


  ''You disobey God while you make apparent that you love Him,

This, by my life, in analogy is a marvel.
If your love was truthful you would obey Him,
Truly, the lover towards the one he loves is obedient."



I've heard different versions of who this is by and I'm not really bothered about the author. However the words ring true, especially the last two lines. The human nature and emotion of love and the acts that surround it are accurately depicted. It is common knowledge that when one is in love they try their utmost to make their beloved happy by doing all those things they want you to do. We claim to love God, but do our actions portray this love that should exceed all love?


Thursday, 22 July 2010 by PD , under ,

I'm working on another post on the Niqab but I came across  this and I just had to post it. [Being the chocolate addict that I am]

One day I will learn to bake like this.