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Thoughts on Israeli massacre of Freedom Flotilla

Friday, 4 June 2010 by PD , under , ,

Israel does it again. It shows the World what a brutal nation it actually is. A few days back it attacked a Humanitarian aid ship which consisted of people from all nationalities and walks of life. From a 1 year old child to an 80 year old Man who were trying to break the illegal and inhumane siege of Gaza, Palestine. And yet, Israel surrounded them and shot at them, martyring 10 people.

You'd think this time around Israel would be a little careful; as these ships consisted not only of Arabs or Muslims but Europeans and Americans too from different religions and cultures. But no, Israel showed no mercy.

In the days that came to follow after this incident & the reaction of the International community brought forth to my mind the concept in Islam that in everything there is 'Khayr' or 'Good'. We might not see it immediately but it comes around. And now, Israel is in a tight spot with the World which it has never been before. In fact, it wouldn't be facing the problems it is facing now if it had let the Freedom Flotilla pass through easily.

Turkey on the other hand, has fast won Muslim & Non-Muslim hearts. It has taken a stand which Arab/Muslim countries combined have not been able to for years. I see the remnants of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey. Bravo! May you prosper and continue in this way.

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